Thursday, May 10, 2007

The pink books are dead but long live the High Heel

oh hum everyone I'm a bit blue today cause at this point well I think my pink books are dead. A woman by the name of Stephanie Feagan wrote a three books about "Pink", Pink is a CPA who has or (had) lotsa spunk.
Show her the money
She's on the money
Run for the money
but alas it appears as though there will be no more new pink books. And it sucks because Pink did not ended up with the man I wanted for her. Such a good book the but man she picked was a major disappointment to me.

So I'm hoping that a lady by the name of Gemma Halliday can continue to weave through the publishing world. So I'm hoping that Gemma can continue her series of books at his point. She just released her second book and is getting ready to release a third (can you tell I like series books). Her books are about Maddie Springer who is a fashion forward sorta girl who designs shoes (mostly spider man flip flops) who seems to find trouble and adventure along her path. She also keeps running into a cop named Ramirez who she would love to put her own designs on.
Spying In High Heels
Killer In High Heels
and the soon to be released in September
Undercover In High Heels
The exciting part is that Gemma's first book (Killer) is being turned in to a TV show on the USA network this fall. So maybe I will have something to watch when they kill yet another favorite show of mine this fall.

Oh and for those of you looking for Victoria of Angiewood I'm sorry she suddenly had to close her business because the demand for the sexy housewife look was just to overwhelming for her, she has sold her exclusive line to Target and J.C. Penny so just look for her stuff there ; )


Anonymous said...

anybody going to Betty's this weekend. I am able to go on Friday night and until 5 or so on Saturday night. So who else?

Anonymous said...

I will be there and can't wait to crop. djw

Anonymous said...

I will be there for sure! Around 5pm on Friday and I can stay all day Saturday. I have MANY projects that have deadlines. Can't wait to see everyone.

Deb H.

Ha! surprise! not dead!

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