Wednesday, May 02, 2007

not so much

So uh I didn't get the scanner all wired up and ready to scan cause it's wires are all berried under a table that is currently covered it wonderful scrap stuff. I'll be digging in here shortly (sigh just another cleaning related project can you tell I don't want to clean? not so much ). I also have some Martha paper I have wanted to "show off" but I cant seem to get the energy to take a picture of it. Of course it's pink and 18x18.

We don't take no coupons
I meet a real nice clerk at Mikes when I was checking out I was buying the Martha paper and she was admiring it so it started up a conversation ( y'all know I cant pass up a conversation) I was asking if the1.99 Martha paper was ever going to go on sale and she said probably not, most of the future adds she had seen didn't have any Martha on sale. And that led her to say that years ago she seen Martha on an interview and someone had asked her what she did for relaxation and did she play video/board games? The clerks started laughing so it was hard for her to finish up her story, she said Martha said "I don't play games" in her low slow very serious Martha voice, kinda like slow motion. She said Martha had a special contract with Mike and she didn't think Martha was the kinda girl who liked sales, so she imagined Martha said to Mike " I don't take coup-ons" (saying coup-ons like your French or asking for grey poupon) so every time I look at my cute Martha paper I think "I don't take coupons"
and with that I say
have a great day
Blessings A

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Anonymous said...

Yea, you can't use coupons on the Martha won't take long before it goes on clearance or ends up at Big Lots, like the Leeza G stuff did. Sure, some of it's OK - but us scrappers have been buying supplies long before MS decided to jump on the wagon.


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