What would you call it

So tell me what would be a good title for this page?

I was 12 don't know exactly where or why I was wearing my"special occasion" dress but I was. It could have been a number of things from school to dad (volunteer) credit union work. I do know it had to be after May and before September, I had no coat on so it was summer and that dress was silk (do you remember when silk was in style? ouch it's getting to be a long time ago my friends) so it had to be warm with a coat in the winter. And I had just had my hair cut, funny I can remember everything but why I had the dress on. So now you know all the facts what would you call it?

blessing a

PS I'm still working on finding a new blog home and

I'll post the pg you get for playing the game here in a bit


Anonymous said…
Cute pic!!!

How about "Diva of Style" or "Glamour Girl"


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