Tuesday, May 08, 2007

our midnight shipment inclueded

This one of a kind silk knee length scrapbook room special of the night

This can be yours for a limited time I'll I need is all of your credit card numbers so when we max out one we can go to the other of course there is not a satisfaction guarantee but It is guaranteed to satisfy me. Notice only pink items are available, Come visit us next week when we add our new line b&p's.


Anonymous said...

can i get pink and brown together. chelle

Anonymous said...

in the silk chelle

Anonymous said...

only pink is avaible at this current time and it comes with a complementary pair of miss matched slippers that sorta look brown (again that cool warn look)and at the same time still holding firmly together without the use of duckt tape. angela wood creator of victoria of angiewood

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.