Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Ok So I'm going to trust you all know the cow story about when I first moved here. I was out front hanging a wreath and herd a peculiar sound and got "spooked out". It was just a cow yes I actually got spooked by a cow's moo.
Side note: city girls often do not not hang in the pasture.
Well the moo's are back at it this morning I can here the thing through my window (I'm secretly afraid to look, maybe one got loose and if I look at it directly it would maybe charge the window or something equally dramatic) So Mr or possibly Mrs cow is being noisey and sounding like a cat who was not happy. This is probably one of the few times I've heard (ha ha) the cows since my grand adventure way back four years ago. I guess you could say that the sound gets to me because it's not and actual moooo, it's more like a guttural low moan, than the moo I was taught as a child. It's still a bit freaky is what it is. Cow's mooi'n freaky I tell ya just plain freaky.

This past weekend I went home and my niece graduated and they celebrated my birthday (despite my protests). And man did my sis and my mom get one over on me, they were very extravagant and got got me the Xyron design runner and a few cartage's. (guess what kind of cards you'll be seeing this week) So just so she knows
SIS you are awesome

blessings a

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