Tuesday, May 15, 2007


So yesterday posting was nothing but pure torture especially the pictures I have no ideal what was up, program conflict? who knows? So in light of the many problemed blogger I went blog shopping and found 2 I'm going to try for now. One is just simply called "blog" and the other is "word press". At this point it's looking like word press the "blog" one is not so user friendly, as soon as I'm a bit familiar I'll post some links. I need to learn how to post first and how to edit and so forth (I cant find spell check on one of them). If not then I may be going to something more advanced like type pad, we will just need to wait and see what works best for all of us. This should be fun not a hassle.
I'm up late tonight cause I had an afternoon nap and I know not to repeat that tomorrow. I have a nervous energy tonight, the kind where you cant sit still, however I also have two men sleeping in the house so I must tip toe and it's hard to be quiet and clean or work on any projects when they are resting so I thought I'd blog early.

I'm trying to make a space for my cricut and clean up is slowly moving along. I bought a TV tray at target ($6) last night and I'm hoping to wiggle it in somewhere in my field of scrap happiness. Ideally I would love to do at lest a layout or two a week and if I wedge in mt cricut I think that could happen. I mean if I can find the scanner cords under my pile of scrap on my work table then anything is possible.

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