Saturday, November 24, 2007


1 gray cat with black stripes Wednesday night
cat was wet, crying in the rain.
cat is good, uses litter box, very scared.

Missing: Raggs the cat
Residence: Next door

This was an adventure I'm thankful it's over.
( I wrote this earlier today and when I came back tonight to read it made no sense. While I was writing everyone was yelling for me to come to dinner so this is revised from this afternoon.

Wednesday night when we were unpacking my sisters car we found a cat (see George). The cat came to us wet, upset and lost (or so we thought). It went into the garage for the night, the next day was Thanksgiving so we knew we would put off doing anything about until the holiday. Thursday and Friday the cat would not come out from hiding (in the garage) we truthfully thought it had somehow got out of the garage. This morning it left behind some "evidence" that it was still around not to mention it had finally ate the food I had left for it. Obviously the cat had just been scared and hiding. This afternoon after several rounds of "here kitty kitty" she came out from behind the freezer we retrieved the numbers from her tag (rabies tag) and had no luck with them. At this point I had checked Craig's list and all the local papers not knowing what to do my mom was trying to find the next door neighbors phone number- their daughter is vary familiar with all the neighbors and she thought she may know who the kitty belonged to. However she could not find the number so I had basically gave up for the day. Rod and I had went out to the garage fix the garage door and put the cars away for the night when I happened to see the neighbor girl(who we were trying to call) outside walking with her sister. I asked her to come over, I said to her "We found a cat Wednesday night" I didn't even finish telling her the rest and she said "It's mine" (I was going to ask her if she knew who it belonged to) she had obviously been crying and was holding a picture of the cat in her hands. We went into the garage and she called the kitty and it came out from it's hiding place as soon as she called it's name!
I'm just so thankful this turned out good! I am a lover of cats but I did not want another at this point. It's just a happy ending to a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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