Sunday, November 04, 2007

a bunch of stuff

so its
4 days left
panic! not totally packed and my printer broke yesterday ugh
so no I don't have the photos I may go do this today

I'm pretty much going to just over view the past few days cause they have been crazy

I'm alone with clipie this weekend
Yuck I've had a small bug that I cant seem to shake in the mix of all this
Friday we went out on a real date and we ate a Red Lobster (who's strawberry daiquiris are Delicious fyi)
Then later that night we stopped by chucks and I got carded!
That makes a girl feel young I tell you and yes I thanked the man who carded me
he also said "a, uh, OK" when he read my licence.
It's been a while since I haven't been called mam makes you feel a bit old after a while kwim?
All week I have been in debate on weather to buy the hobby lobby tote and passed it by, I'm hoping this was not a mistake, still debating.
We also ended up in the worlds longest traffic jam close to the post office.
Brown wants 13. something to send a bubble envelope- no way- yes way- going to fed ex today
We watched Licence to Wed it was great.
We went to the the Chinese buffet on the by-pass it was good.
Last night I finally got my knitting project back in shape (like you care about my knitting) I'm just sayi'n.
Today I fully intend to say home from church (today) for the third week in a row (is it row that does not sound right?).
Christmas music started playing on xm this weekend I'm starting to get in the mood.
AT this point there is much to do to be overly chatty (ha ha ha ha)
more updates tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I have been working on my page kits. I have almost all of 2007 (so far) in page kits. How 'bout that? I still have to make our snack mix, print some more pics, and who knows what else. Oh well, whatever is not done by Thursday will just have to wait. I can't wait to "get out of Dodge" and away from work for a few days.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait just a few days. We will be gone.

Angie and Debbie H both did a great job on the posters they created.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chelle. Had fun with the "flag" or whatever it is. I am so ready. I packed and repacked again yesterday and have more pics to pick up at CVS tonight. Yes, that's right, I plan to scrapbook WITH pictures this weekend! And lots of 12x12 pages ready, too.

Deb H

Ha! surprise! not dead!

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