Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday november 28

Getting kitty with it

I'm up to my ears in crafts project for Christmas, I have no ideal how or when I'm going to finish them all. I have several scarfs and one huge s/b project. And on top of it my submission for guest designer is due at the end of this week. I'm going to need to stop and finish one project at a time at this point. And in the mist of all this Christmas craftyness I'm trying to do the normal day to day things like take care of my Pumpkin who was not feeling well yesterday.

The Christmas rush I love it. Being so busy you can hardly breathe and having so much fun in the mix of it. Its hard to remember from year to year the rush of things, but what I do remember is the fun and enjoyment I get from all the hard work.

My body can also hear the call of the holidays I have lost my first 10 pounds thanks to much help of ww. And with that I will be eating less cause every ten pounds they take away points, just in time for Christmas may I add. It's as if my body was tuned in the the holiday food, she must eat less of our goodness. So bye bye ten pounds please go away and never come back and hello less points and a smaller me.

-Ten pounds think about two 5 pound packs of sugar and if your wondering yes it's worth the struggle with the point system.

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Anonymous said...

I have decided I just can't make the number of gifts I would like to. I have a few projects started and I am going to TN to make my Christmas cards on Saturday (except the special cards I already made for you guys!). That's it for me this year, running out of time already.

Angie, congrats on your 10 pounds! That is a wonderful milestone, I am so proud of you!!

Deb H

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