Wednesday, February 20, 2008

deposition day

Today we go to the deposition. Ugh I'm so not looking forward to this. It should be quick I don't have anything to tell. I had a horrible nightmare early this morning. I'm hoping it was from all the stress. It left me feeling like a child. I seem to be in market of stress of late I'm ready for my life to slow down. I need a vacation from my life!
OK now that I'm done with my venting I have nothing much else to say other than my scrap room is clean! I now have my mama bug in my room! I think this is going to be so nice not to run into the dining room every time I want to use her. On the other hand my family room is a mess I took everything out of the room then put it back in. I'll take pictures as soon as it's done. So I'm off to clean up my messes and finish putting everything in it's new place.


Anonymous said...

depostition for what???chelle

Anonymous said...

some man said Clipie was a witness to an accident. he was not, we were subpoenaed, hello surprise, we had to get an attorney he wrote a letter saying we don't know nothing, they still wanted to question both of today was the day I'll talk more about it tomorrow I'm too warn out tonight.

Beading hearts

Beading alert this is as crafty as it gets today.