I survived

Well I have survived the Inquisition. yes I was nervous and yes I shook like a leaf. I have never done well speaking in public when it's important.
Have I ever told my debate team story?
I don't think I have so I will drivel on a bit just like the weather.
I believe it was 1989 maybe 88. I was a freshman in high school Bush Sr was the president and I fervently listened to Casey Casum's (sp?) top forty every Sunday after church. I had a teacher his name was Mr Cumberlander (no joke that was his name). In the high school world I was very little fish, I was very little quiet fish most had known all there lives. I had never had to speak in front of my class mates before ,when all the sudden came the debate unit. Now Mr C he was tuff on some stuff but not on everything he was a football coach so he also helped out with girls basketball in the winter. Nobody messed with Mr c he was big and ethnic in an African American way and for all that tuff coach stuff I found the soft spot. Now mind you on occasion I have some problems with the nerves like a few summers ago when I went to go get some test results my bp was so high they did not want to let me go home. I'm sure that was the case yesterday as well as the point of this particular story. I had a great case of nerves the day my public speaking/debate came due I was ready and for once I had actually done some home work. I got up went and began to give my speech. I'm sure it was noticeable that I could hardly read my paper for all the shaking I was doing both inside and out. But I think the big clue was I could not breathe very well and no, at the time I had never had an asthma attack. So my face was noticeably red and then I began to wobble. Now Mr Cumberland was not the type of teacher to stop you if you were making a fool of yourself he would just laugh in the end but on this one occasion he stopped me in the middle of my report and said (he calls everyone by there last name cause he a coach, so for Internet sake I will call my self a. Scrap) Mr c says
"Scrap are you OK? in the middle of my speech.
I mange to say "yes" Mr C
Then he tells me to go sit down. I'm did and he called out a grade to me. I don't remember it must ave not been that bad or I would remember. I was still shaking in my seat when he continues
"Are you sure your OK? Cause you look like your going to faint or something, do you want to go see the nurse?" And just shortly after I was thanking the Almighty, the bell rang. And as I went out the door I received one more
"Are you OK? do you want one of the guys to walk you to your next class? (I had a lot of football players in my class)
"No" I managed, and I managed not to faint.

So to say I don't function well under some circumstances would be an understatement. How I can get up and shake my butt like a turkey? I have no ideal it's different some how. Scrap in sisters I guess or maybe its the friendship that bolsters me up for the brave of the dance. Who knows.
I hope everyone is safe and sound and tucked in for the night.
see most of you tomorrow!! whhooooooooooooo


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