get ready

Well I'm going to try to get a few small projects together and pack them up here in a bit so I'm not scrambling at the last minute to get stuff together. I also need to run to the store and stuff. My sis is coming in tonight so it will be a busy weekend. And keep my mom and sister your prayers.
Ok so what time is every one geting there?
and should I bring my ott light? I cant remember if I need it?

Q What are the Feb and March crop dates?


Debbie H said…
I have to work until 4:15, pick up Jeanette from girlscouts, make dinner, finish laudnry and then I will pace. I am going to see Jackie in Lousville on Sunday, leaving at 8am, so I have to pack for that trip as well. I hope I am organized enough to pull together what I need in one nice neat tote! I am really excited to see everyone tomorrow.

Angie, still praying for your mom, and will keep your sis in my thoughts as well.

Deb H
Betty said…
Ha Ha - too funny DH.....One nice neat tote.....

Prayers all around for everyone! Angie, is your sis coming to the crop? I don't think you'll need an OTT light tomorrow - the lighting is pretty good and it's even better on the side by the big windows.

Next crop date at CH is 2/22 and 2/23. DW celebrates a birthday on the 24th!! No dates scheduled yet for March.

See everyone in the morning - I'm hoping to be in line around 8.

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