I now am returning to you from house land

Well yes it's been a while and yes my spell check on the blogger is not working at all so it is with great pains that I attempt to spell check this and make it some sort of legible English blog post.
I'll just give you a quick run down of the week
every day we went house hunting
every day we ate out
I have not washed a dish all week (that I remember, probably did but it has been very few)
We have seen so many homes at this point I'm just about house blind
And no they have not found anything
Sis is going to go back home tonight or early in the morning
and I'm going to get back to my regular schedule.
Which includes all things blogy and scrappy naturally
did I mention we got subpoena(s)?
it's long and not complicated and we have no ideal why they did, We don't have anything to do with the case. And yes I'm pissed about it Clipe will miss a day of work.That will teach me to answer the door at dinner time.
Also I'll be adding and e-mail "thingies" that if you sign up for it wit will e-mail you every time I have a new post. It may be helpful if your work blocks blog viewing so in the next few days you'll be seeing a new side bar tool and instructions on how to participate, if you want to (you do not need to sign up for this it's basically for mh so she can get blogy with us at work -on her e-mail).
I must go and emboss for now I am the embossing woman because it's new I've discovered it and well it's different and I just love it. It also lets me use the stamp stash I have. It will also give me new reasons to buy buy stamps ; )


Anonymous said…
I'm new to embossing too - I'm kinda liking it!!

On another note, just wondering if anyone has a 2" or 2-1/8" plain square punch that will be at the cancer crop. I think I used Deb W's at the retreat. I need to borrow one again. I have been SEARCHING for this punch and cannot find it. I think I now have just about every size except the one I really need!

I'm really excited to see everyone again!!!!

Michelle H
I have a whale punch..I dont know the size, I can bring it! a
Anonymous said…
MH, I will bring my punches in the truck so if you need them, they will be there. djw
Debbie H said…
Punches in the trunk...sounds shady, LOL! Is it time to crop yet??

Deb H
Anonymous said…
Thanks DW & Ange!!

Make sure someone gets a pick while were making our deal at the trunk of the car - I feel a great layout idea coming on...

Michelle H
Anonymous said…
I meant pic - as in photo...

I think I have had too much cold medicine!

Michelle H

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