Well I finally bit the bullet and quit using the trial version of ds. I registered and it. It is awesome! Had I known how great it is I would have installed it on the computer a while back. I'm glad I didn't because of the crash, but this program is unlike any I have ever worked with. It is easy to navigate around in and the prompts are pretty simple. Wow is all I can say over and over and it seems to me that I have saved a bunch of time both in looking for what I need and in cutting time, because you do it all at once. I still have a beef with the company about the two down loads and I am intending on writing a letter about that. Who knows if it would help I have an ideal it won't. Now if we could just get them to come out with a cricut magazine. If I ever had the money to start a business up that would a be a great magazine one totally devoted to our cricuts. Of course if I were to own that company I would be spend all my money on an editor : )

When I get some projects done I'll post, but for now back it's to the cricut for me.


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