Monday, February 25, 2008

hot off the press

ok Club house dates from B

(Thanks B for all of these dates!)

March 1 - Saturday after 3 - if anyone is interested........

March 14th - Friday only (Sat. is already reserved)

(If you would like we can do Sat at my place, Sound good? let me know.)

April 4th and 5th

April 18 and 19th

May 2, 3, and 4th - NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY WEEKEND......I reserved it for the entire weekend!!!!

(Bill can clean house that weekend)
And we all know Bill has been a bad boy so that is his punishment! (just joking)


Anonymous said...

Count me in for National day and I don't know if there are any other days. I won't attend this weekend and the one on the 14th is proably out for me for sure. see ya soo0n.

not sure about the April dates yet

scrap happy girl said...

ha ha Chelle you posted before I could get a chance. I had to go put the sheets in the the dryer.

March 1 yes
March 14 yes
how about my house the 15th? yes
April I hope so
May 2,3,4 I will be there!

Anonymous said...

My sister is coming this weekend so we can celebrate her birthday. I may come by Sat...just depends on her plans. As far as I know now, I can do the other dates. djw

Betty said...

Thanks Angie for posting this on the blog, just in case someone didn't get the email I sent......

Debbie H said...

I replied to Betty, I am good with the first 3 sets of dates. April I will be at Scrap Etc. NSD weekend I should be OK, but there is a chance I have to go to Nasvhille to entertain someone from work who may be at a conference there. March 15th at Angies I could probably do, I'll pencil that in!

Deb H

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