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what makes the world go round

I saw in the new this morning that Anna Nicole Smith died. Such a tragic life, her life was like reading a list of bad experiences. I'm so thankful that my life is so different. She was only 39 that's six years older than me. I'm so thankful for a hobby/addiction where I can share my day to day life. If I would die tomorrow you would know more about me than than what they are reporting about her. This I think is one of the many reasons I'm drawn into scrapbooking. It also reminds me I need to scrapbook my self a bit more than I do.

So week in review
Monday - ordinary
Tuesday- we found out we are pbj
Wednesday - I don't remember we day
Thursday - cleaning day I could actually see my computer desk
Saturday -CROP TIME

So Crop list update

5 till?

8ish to 9pm


March 6 B becomes a Grandma again

March 9,10,11,


Debbie H said…
I got all the crop dates down, thanks for the summary.

I have to admit to an old "guilty pleasure". DH and I used to watch the Anna Nicole Smith show on a regular basis. It was her show about her day to day life. Really, it was like watching accidents on the side of the road when you just can't help yourself. She lived a very sad life. Her son died tragically last year right after her daughter was born, I believe from a bad reaction to antidepresants and methodone. So sad to be enveloped in so much scandal. I am thankful that my "addiction" is not to drugs (OTC or otherwise) alcohol or anything like that. An addiction to a safe hobby which includes friends and family is a blessing.
well said dh

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thats all for now just playing upping accounts and seeing what if anything i want to do with this page...aandddd others.


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