Thursday, February 15, 2007

Slower posting

Despite the fact that I have been very busy I have had a sinus infection that has been driving me nuts so that's why so few posts. I have a z-pack that I'm taking, on the bright side I'm on day two and feeling much better, on the down side I can't seem to sleep well and I'm tired and have been grumpy about lack of sleep thing (not to obvious?)

So I had a good Valentines day, how about you? Good? Bad? What did you and your special someone do to make the holiday special? Any one receive a hand made card they would like to share? I made several cards for family members yesterday and lost all but one of them. So my morning mission will be to find those cards I lost. Gurr I hate it when I do stuff like that. I hope all is well with all of you and will post back soon. Blessings A


Chelle said...

This is much easier to read. I like it. My Valentine was ok, worked then Jason got me a book I wanted and we went to church and then we went to Cracker barrel for dinner. we leave friday really late to pick em up on sat am. dh and dw we are still on for next friday at dw's right? let me know if anything has changed.

Angie could you email me the shirt size you want me to get it will be the same style of shirt as late time. thanks chelle

Debbie H said...

V'day was fine. Beautiful flowers, and I made the kids thier favorite dinner of cheese burgers and mac and cheese. What a nice mom I am.

Project for SBV at DW's is next Friday, 2/23. Correct? I have worked on a few, but didn't get too far!

Debbie H said...

PS: Angie, so sorry to hear that you have been sick. Glad the Z pack is helping, it's usually pretty powerful.

Deborah said...

We are still on!! Oh boy, I can't wait......we only have about 85 to go. What do you think Deb...a couple hours?????

Angie, the blog looks great and is very easy on the eye. You are doing a great job. Feel better soon!!

DH, I hope your parents get here ok. Keep us posted.

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