way up north in ice land

I have news my mother is having surgery on Tuesday. She is having a DNC if all goes well if not, she will have a hysterectomy. The surgery is a bit risky she is told because of her heart. She had tests at the cardiologist yesterday so as long as the results are not bad Tuesday's surgery is on. Which mean that I am very emotional at the moment. The big debate she does not want me to come up (weather/and 100 other reasons). I want to go be with her except I don't want to make her mad and worried at a time when she doesn't need to be mad or worried. I'll let you know what I'm gonna do tomorrow. While I would hate to miss DW crop and birthday, my last photo class, and I would miss my roses Clipie bought me, my mother is more important. Yet if I go, I will tick her off (in a small way). Oh the decisions. I'll post tomorrow love you all A


Debbie H said…
Angie, I'll keep you and your mom in my prayers. Follow your instincts and do what you think is right. We'll miss you Saturday, but there will be plenty of more scrapping opportunities.

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