Monday, February 05, 2007

ok I'm enabling

enabling; telling other scrappers there is a sale

OK so earlier today I stoped by sptr in search of a hall of fame book (which I did not find) and I ran into a few hot buys
some paper packs 4.99 I was so tempted I may go back tomorrow
little Davis 50 off
some Karen foster 50 off
I got a travel sized ott lite 50 off and bag 37 total -- sorry i took last light
page keepers for my black thing that you put embellishments in 2/$1
she had a few punches
lots of Laura Ashly albums
a few Disney sticker
and of course
the basement
no new sales on that

by the way I need some magic scraps glue anyone going to be out at sbv soon?
if not I'm going to half to take a trip anyone want to come?


Chelle said...

we were there on saturday and i didn't see anything i would want or that she hasn't had forever although i did get a light also

Deborah said...

I didn't find anything I needed. I guess we just left it all for you A.

Hey, I have my recipe swap pages planned and all the pieces printed and cut (I'm trying to be like DH when I grow up). This is not as bad as the circle journal. At last count, I think we have 10. Is that right B? Tracey said she would participate too.

scrap happy girl said...

do we need to have the recipe swap ready for friday?

Betty said...

Eight was the count on Sat., with a possible maybe of 9. Tracey makes 9 for sure and a maybe 10.

Angie, we're looking to swap out the pages the end of March, I believe it was the weekend of the 23rd.

scrap happy girl said...

cool i can do end of March

Debbie H said...

I'm still not interested in stopping at STR, just too miffed. Can't help with the glue, my next trip to SBV probaby won't be until Deb's party on the 24th. Depending on whey you go, I may be coherced into a trip though :)

Swap pages due in late March. Miss Debra, I am VERY impressed...desgned cut and everything. I haven't even picked out recipes yet! Maybe I'll be inspired this weekend.

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