Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Royal tiles

Royal tiles is the name of a game on my mom's computer and I love the game. I have been addicted to the game and have been known to sit and play it for literal hours wee into the night. This past weekend my Clipe man beat my high score :( So it's really been bothering the heck outta me that he comes in on the computer and with just a short amount of time beasts my hard worked for score in about and hour. So this week it has been my goal to beat his high score of 12600. But alas my dear friends this horrible speller has not accomplished her goal. The clock is ticking he should be here in about 48 hrs or more I only have that precious 48 to knock him to the bottom of the score board. I will now commit myself to a late night of royal tiles in hopes of beating the heck out of him before he gets here. Tomorrow the saga continues.

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