Friday, February 02, 2007

ok like i'm more excited than a kid

Fine little fluffy flakes fall down form heaven. I know shameless but there is not a lot and at least it happened on a Friday right? I'm like so happy, can you tell? My tulips are going to be so pretty this spring! Let me explain, the colder the better for them, they do better in very cold climate than in warm, that's why Narcissus/white and yellow flower, dose better down here, for the tulip it all about the freeze.

OK moving on Last night I took a class at shutter bug
"Choosing and using a digital camera" 19.95 (and they did not charge extra for clipie) it was too basic. I learned a bit but I really want to take a
"Basic photography class" which is tomorrow (they are going to try to squeeze us in the class) it is full, next one is March 3rd (Beth's, my nice b-day) and its 39.99 a person., 9am (so early ugh)to 5:30 w/a one hour lunch.
There are other classes
"Intermediate photography" 59.95a three part series class w/ home work. and
"Taking cute pictures of your kid and pets" 49.95 Feb 10th 9 to 5.30 but I think we are all busy that day. The two most important things I learned? adjust your White balance, look at your hisstoegram (I think that's what he said) (digital cameras only) it should look like a mountain. And the biggest sometimes you need to take a lot of pictures to get one really good one and by a lot like 15 or more. They actually said that pros take hundreds of shots to get 1 published. And only one thing they said I did not like was, don't print photos at home b/c they are not archival. But I disagree I think that scrapbooking has very high standard with ck/OK program and the way they evaluated so many products. I think that was totally off base and of course I very nicely told him so.

Be careful and have fun in the snow it will be years before we see it again. Or maybe never if you listen to the global warming people. Did you know it's all gong to kill us by 2021. I just have one thing to say about that "You had better go to church and get saved. Be ready for the end since my husband will continue to drive a gas guzzling car to work. So we can put food on our table so we can live until the end baby". I'm not against using less and being more conservative with natural products or recycling or using bio fuel (as long as it's cheaper than 2 dollars a gallon)in fact I think we should be more conservative, but I do not have the money to do it all. Like buy an electric car (30,000) that won't get me to my mom's house on one charge. Maybe I'll need to buy a new home and move downtown close to the mall and buy a horse to ride to walmart. (interesting fact that sheep farts are so potent that they actually account for one percent of ozone erosion a year? How, just how are you going to stop them from farting feed them Beno? I can see it on the farms list now "Can you add Beno to the feed? Industrial grade please")
I know that was a bit of a rant OK maybe big. Well I'm off to go take some pictures an try out my furry boots I bought at wally word yesterday in anticipation of this glorious snow event.

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