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peanut butter crackers

So for breakfast I'm having peanut butter crackers. i seem to be having mental blocks when it comes to the blogging this week. I think it's in part to the fact that I'm worried about my class, I don't handle pressure well and I tend to blow it out of proportion. I stress over the smallest assignment and the big things don't phase me. Just another quirk I suppose. So lets talk about the cancer crop we all are going to get there around 8 and were gong to have lunch and dinner together I take it. Should we bring a mini cooler with drinks? Or leave a cooler in the car? And I must ask who's going to be there? Is there a usual crowd? I know it's 100 scrappers. Or just a mix n match of people we don't know? OK I'll stop with the questions. Just curious. Should we bring a snack? See I'm just gonna hang out with the "cool scrapers" while I'm there cause ya'll are the "coolest ever" in town. Yep chalk all that up to nervous energy, yep the whole post. Blessings A


Debbie H said…
Angie, take a deep breath and relax! It's all fun :) I will get to the Cancer crop by 8:30. I will probably pack some diet coke and maybe a snack. We get a boxed lunch, and I think dinner last year was pizza. I have to leave for cheerleading at the lunch hour, so I will probably ask one of you to snag a lunch for me so I can eat when I get back. Last year I didn't know a lot of people, but there were many familiar faces. Remember....we live in a tiny city, there are many familiar faces, LOL!
Betty said…
Yes, it's all about fun. I'm going to pack some water and Diet Dr. Pepper's - I'm sure they will stay cool in the trunk. I'll need all my floor space for my scrapping stuff. Still trying to figure out the packing lightly thing......

The usual croppers you know will all be there and like Debbie H. mentioned you will see alot of familiar faces.

Is anyone going to the STR crop on the 17th? :)
str? pams I know i have no clarity today. I'd be willing as long as we were going to crop at sbv and we are. I'm trying to keep things evened out this year between both of the stores dont want to see them go under. whats pans new name I cant remember.
Debbie H said…
Re. the Scrapbooks etc. voting site, SBV sent an email saying the site has had technical difficulties, glad it wasn't me.

Does anyone have any chipboard they can donate? I need a total of 12 pieces of 4x6, if I can scrounge up 4 12x12 pieces that would work.

No cropping for me on the 17th, my folks will be visiting that weekend.
how do i get put on the sbv newsletter? I would love to have her updates.
Betty said…
Debbie H, I have tons of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets that can be cut down to the size you need. You are more than welcome to it. I'll bring the box on Friday.

I'm not planning on going to the crop on the 17th.

Angie, go to and you should be able to sign up from there.
Debbie H said…
Betty you come through for all of us!

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