Tuesday, February 06, 2007

peanut butter and jelly

we laughed all the way home. Tonight we had our first photography class and it (like all things in my life) was memorable. It never ceases to amaze me that most couples aren't like Clipie and I. What is normal on my radar is well, what most people would defined as a little "stifling". Yes we are supper close and we do practically everything together, including a lot of grocery shopping. Well not much changes of course we are taking our class together and I guess we may have looked a bit (justa hint) like a couple. Our teacher was giving us home work directions and telling us we could not cheat on our home work by "helping" each other and we could not share the same memory card when he refereed to us as Peanut butter and Jelly. Can you guess who the Jelly is? Yep the one who has a passion for pink. He wants to be Chunky Jiff, and I am black raspberry (like the kind they serve at Cracker Barrel). So Peanut butter and I are just about done for the day (too much laughing) and one to many sandwiches. blessings

what time sat?
dh 8:45
b 8:00
what time do ya want me?


Betty said...

Ha Ha, too funny Angie. Ok, now I'm going to be there at 8:00.

Chelle said...

and what time betty on friday night i'll be there around 515 unless that isn't a go? let me know

Betty said...

Yes, Friday is a go. Looks like everyone is going to make it.

Debbie H said...

Thought I posted a comment, where did it go? I will be at Betty's between 5-6 on Friday, depends on who is home to relieve me. Saturday I'll plan on 8:15, I think they'll have to open by 8:30 like the fliers said.

Has anyone tried to vote for SBV on www.scrapbooklifestyle.com? I can't pull up the site for the life of me, was wondering if anyone else was ablet to vote.

Betty said...

I haven't been able to vote either. I tried entering the URL and nothing happens.

scrap happy girl said...

I missed the boat were we suppose to vote for sbv? I can bring up the site but dont know what to do with it. Fri 5 or so sat i'll try to leave the house at 8ish.

Debbie H said...

We can vote for our favorite scrapbook store from 2/5-3/5/07 but I can't get the link to pull up. The winning store gets a visit by the DT, classes etc. I think you watch a video and then vote. Last week I could watch the videos, but I can't even see them now. Nothing.

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