Friday, February 16, 2007

Snow and Tow

And interesting story thanks to my sister. So everyone knows there is lots of snow up north. my sister has been stuck at home since Tuesday. This morning she went to get out of her drive (gravel which is part of the reason it has not been scraped off) and got her cute little white Saturn ion stuck in the snow. No problem calls triple A they say they will be out before 4:30 pm. Not a huge problem her boss is a super kind of guy so she doesn't worry about it at all. Well the wrecker gets there about 2:30 (her quitting time at work) and proceeds to pull her car out. At least that was the original plan, only the truck gets stuck. So not only is her car stuck but a wrecker is stuck in her drive. They call in the big guns they call ODOT, which is the county's snow removal, salt truck. Apparently Sis knows how to get stuck just right. The city so kindly un stuck both of them. Isn't that heart warming. THE CITY UN STUCK THEM! Can you imagine the city doing something for a citizen and a stuck wrecker (all in one day). Now that story my friends is a heart warming story up north. Talk about niceness, maybe it needs to snow some more there. The forecast for my hometown is ......a dusting 1-2 inches tonight and a possible 1-4 tomorrow and winding down on Sunday with another 1-2 inches. Makes our two inches we are supposed to get sound down right cozy doesn't it?

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Beading hearts

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