Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I just have

a few minutes to up date this. I'm just super busy today and a bit a stressed and a hole heap of tired (I had to take a nap today). So over look any attitude present.

OK last night I spoke to Betty and Bill is doing much better and home. However she is now in the role of "Nurse Betty" and y'all know she is not a nurse. She may need to cancel Saturday, so I'll check again later in the week with her. (I think that Dh is the only one who can come at this point) So As for me I will not be coming home Mom still needs me and I'm thinking at this point it will be next Sunday (not this coming) when I return home hopefully. I truly will need to take some sort of break by then I need to see Clipie I'm going out of my mind missing him. Never fear I'll try to send back at least two of my pages back with Carl this weekend, I've been working on them this week. I love ya all and miss my BG life like nuts

ps. pray for my Alaska cousin (Melissa) they had a house fire on Friday, and lost a big part of every thing they had but they saved all of there photos !!!!

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Debbie H said...

Angie, take it easy. Hope you make it home next weekend. Betty, I think you should cancel for Saturday. We'll catch up soon enough!

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