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A little bit of this and that

this morning I'm trying to blog while constantly being attacked by pumpkin. Love and cuddle attacking that is, she keeps jumping up into my lap and wanting to be held, and to top it off as soon as she jumps up she starts this really cute heavy purr like it's part of her every breath. The old cute and I'm cuddly with purring routine.

Yesterday was and emotional day for me and mom we cleaned out Aunt Jane's jewelry box and went through all of her photos. The photos took the longest, I would sort through then mom would sort through keeping some of my pictures and actually throwing some real bad ones away like weird landscapes, out of focus stuff and she wanted to throw away photos of old boyfriends and of course a few happy memories an tears in the mix. Which brings me to my story today. I had and uncle who I will not name (no Missy it is not your dad) (well I guess I did narrow it down a bit when I said that didn't I?) He was over seas during war time and he fell in love with a girl who was in his heart until he died. Out of respect for his family he would not marry her because she was foreign (a big issue back then) and he had a girl back home as well. When he came back he destroyed all his pictures of her when he married. One afternoon about 30 years later, we are going through mom's photo albums and she had a picture of her as well, my uncle asked if he could take it out and he did and he started to rip it up because he thought it was the best thing to do, and mom stopped him. The he told her it was not honourable to have the photo around and she still would not give in. By mom not giving in, (imagine that, she always gave in to her brothers and this was the only time in my life I had ever seen her tell one of them no) I saw a hole other side to my uncle, I saw a tenderness in his eyes and honor in him (honor for his wife) and a tender place in his heart where I had never imagined it. Here was this larger than life man who had done all sorts of interesting things in his life like, be a soldier, work for the government, tell you fantastic story's about ww2 and yet all thought my life I had never seen that tenderness in him. Through that photo I learned he was more loving than I ever thought, he had been loved by another, he loved another, and maybe they were lovers (I will never know he never said, he would have never dishonoured his wife) but through one photograph I learned more about him than in all the years I had known him.

With going through Jane's photo I wondered about each and every face we could not name. Who were they? I know that the better part of the people had passed on, but still who were they to her? A friend, her confidant, more than a friend? This is a lesson to be learnt.
Label your photos so your family wont wonder who people in you photos are.
Label your photos so your niece wont be making up possible scenarios with you and that person in the photo!
blessings A


Anonymous said…
It is so interesting to see old pictures and learn stories that you were never privy to as a kid. Scandals back then that are commonplace today. You make a good point about saving and labeling photos. I am real bad about that. I could use a week to just get organized and label!

Deb H.
Anonymous said…
I must admit I am bad about labeling to and it would take me more than a week.angie

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