Friday, July 13, 2007


well what is there to say i have had a great many experiences today I will list a few
went shopping with m-i-l and s-i-l at jc penny, Spencer's, Victoria's secret, watter beds and stuff, hobby lobby, Sam's, Kroger, and it was an experience know one should miss.
buying pretty underwear for your niece (that is missing certain parts) definitely qualifies as an adventure. it's just to darn bad that they were out of tassel's) I had to settle for the more quiet scaled back Victoria's secret (You know she does not leave much to the imagination).
The bride arrived late this evening about 7. Tomorrow is full tilt on the wedding planning I will be making a bride and groom t-shirt and finishing off projects a begin decorating the hall starting at 4. So my good friends that translates into I'll probably not be blogging till super late tomorrow or late Saturday.

At the moment the bed is calling my name I'm very tired. Y'all would be so proud of me i was up and at my m- i- l's at 8:45 am this morning----without caffeine. Fortunately I do get to sleep in tomorrow so I'm home free if i can make it into the bed and not fall asleep typing or on the way.
have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

I see where you are making t-shirts. But, I am disappointed you aren't making hats!!! djw

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your having fun!!! Looking forward to seeing pics.

FYI - The Someplace to Remember link on the blog is a dead one....


Anonymous said...
this link should work. I know the link on the side is dead I just need to change it I will whenever i get a chance. a

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the link I've been too. The site is being revamped to become an online shopping store. I only see about 10 products on the site, though. Interesting.


Ha! surprise! not dead!

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