Thursday, July 05, 2007

attenetion design team members aka all of you

attention design team members
So This being your first full day being on the "team" I feel you must have an official assignment of a considerable level of importance. I want a fancy b&w head shot of you before lets say fall. Of course today our official photographer (for the design team) is out with her husband headed towards the lake (the photographers hubby forgot that there is a scrap store that way whooo)but all of you can set up appointments with the photographer at her convince or at the next crop she attends. So get ready to flash those pearly whites for me and get ready to say "chow chow" just like that cute little red car from that cars movie.

And in international news (aka I have an ideal) What do you think about doing this after recipe and after all about me thing. Seasons or holidays or mix the two it would go something like this.
January- a winter l/o with room for a picture,
February- St. Valentin's l/o
March- Easter/spring/ St. patty, your choice month. and so on
so what do y'all think?


Anonymous said...

A picture of me. Uggh. Groan. Moan. OK, we'll see.

As for more pages, I am the swap queen. I'd probably be up for it. Don't want to burn out everyone, though, maybe we should take a break and start after the holidays on the next round?

Deb H

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good ideal at least wait till after retreat cause we havent offically ended our redcipie yet and there is not much time between retreat and santa.a
plus then we could do jan in jan if you kwim.a

scrap happy girl said...

ok I've been trying to post and it's just not working. it's late so I'm out for the weekend 3:30 am!!!!! who knows maybe it will eventualy show up (the post) I'm off to Atlanta here in less than 5 hrs so i gotta get some sleep!.


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