Monday, July 23, 2007

18hrs later

I'm back and waiting for HL to open so I can go buy that trimmer!
So Officially today is Betty's Birthday so again Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends.

OK home was (I kid you not) lasted all of 18 hrs. We go in at 9 pm and left before 4 pm one of our shortest trips ever. It was great to my cousin, and yes while clipie is currently suspended from all brownie points he did do something very nice since he had to be to work at 4 something this morning, I'm willing to bet not many hubbies would do that without complaining. We would have been home very early yesterday had a semi not had us backed up in traffic for miles man it was bad we haven't seen an accident like that for a long time, (I was so thankful that there was a rest stop in the mix of traffic) the last couple of time we have traveled we have seen accidents and making for some scary travel. But all aside I had a great time I'll post some pictures later this week so you all can see my closest cousin Melissa and her family.

Did you all decide what was due or do you care?
blessings a


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back safely and enjoyed your time visiting your cousin!!!!

I think we decided to just turn in whatever we had...I'm going to finish up Breads/Breakfast and have them done by Sat.

Someting I wanted to mention to those who missed Sat. Nancy has asked if we could all do a 2 page 8x8 layout on a memorial theme (parents who have lost children). She asked that they be plain (mat, journaling spot, etc) and maybe a quote or something. She'd like to have them for an event at church on Sat. How about we whip up some layouts Fri. nite? We can meet up with her Sat. morning and give them to her then.


Anonymous said...

Please add Terri - Sept. 6.
Michelle - Aug. 11


Anonymous said...

Glad your trip was good Angie, sorry it was so short and you hit the accident traffic, that is such a bummer. Rod was very nice for going up with you. We have had no vacation this year and I am trying to get Wayne to go to the Nashville Zoo with me on Sunday, and that is like pulling teeth!

Pages: I think everyone did soups and crock pots accept me, I am in reverse, but that's OK!

I made 8 2-page generic layouts for Nancy's church. I hope they are what she is looking for. If they are not what she wants I can recycle them somewhere else, no hard feelings. I adore making pages without pictures, especially small pages! I can email the pics to anyone who is looking for ideas, or maybe you don't want to copy me, I seem to get my details mixed up!

Deb H

Ha! surprise! not dead!

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