Tuesday, July 31, 2007


clarification of gallon, pint, ounce

I don't mean it in literal terms here is a great example

the gallon in this case in the striped paper

pint is the blue

and ounce is the brown

did that help?

I'm sorry I wasn't clear it's been a while

we will save the color wheel for another day
(I have know ideal how I managed to turn that picture sideways but I did, can you tell I'm not a techno geek? )

On another subject

Rod and I had a good visit with old friends last night (we used to be neighbors)

way back in like about 10 years ago we had some of the best neighbors in the world. Jeff and Amy (we also had other good neighbors Juanita and her family, but that's a story for later) and there children Kori, Trent and Jessie (Trent and Jessie are twins). It was great to see there happy family and there smiling faces.

That's all for now
blessings a


Anonymous said...

Great explanation and I love the example you used.

Sounds like your visit with old friends was a good one, hope you got pictures.....


Anonymous said...

of course but I'm saving it for tomorrow. a

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