Friday, July 20, 2007

oops i forgot

Yes I forgot to post the crop dates my mind well it's just been elsewhere lately (I know it's on a vacation)
Crop at Betty's Saturday
and y'all are meeting a chick right?
and pages due is
Soups and Crock pot but I forgot what the next one is
breakfast? and casseroles I'm not sure?????

and crop at Betty's next week only Friday and Saturday


scrap happy girl said...

I know some one left a comment about chick but for the life of me i cant find the buger. sorry if I made it difficult.a

Anonymous said...

what is a chick??? I'll be there next Friday night but not any other time. I'll be working on my pages next Friday night. Try to have them turned in, in the next couple of weeks sorry. I haven't been scrapbooking very much. see ya chelle

Anonymous said...

Chick Filet at 8:30 Saturday am? I will be scrapping all day Saturday. My pages are done, but I did breads and breakfast as I thought we were switching the crock pots out for the colder season. I guess it doesn't matter, as long as there is soemthing to swap! Next weekend I can only crop Friday night, and maybe after dinner Saturday

Deb H

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm lost on the recipe stuff...I know I owe a page from the last set (drinks & appetizers) - but I thought we were putting the rest on hold until after the summer???

In any case - I'll do the next set but they won't be ready until next weekend...which is it? Breads & Breakfast or Crock pot?

Don't worry about your pages Michelle - we'll all eventually get caught up, myself included.


Anonymous said...

????I think we are all confused y'all decide this weekend and let me know ok? a and yes it was Chick Filet and yes I'll stop by in the morning sometime???a

Anonymous said...

Too funny, who knows what pages we are doing! We will get it together at some point. Not to worry!

Deb H

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