Saturday, July 07, 2007

On the road again

Oh I just cant wait be on the road again NOT

I so wish I were not chicken, I could hop in a plain and be where I need to be in under and hour but that is not the case. Since I have never flown or even been in an airplane (I know I live in a box but it's a nice one) I'm not about to start now I mean why break tradition? If there is a down side to vacation it's the driving (and the incredibly large zit that decided to pop out on my face this afternoon). Today we are headed south to the city of Atlanta for a wedding (we will be back tomorrow and yes Carl will stay here and taking care of Pumpkin). Yes clipie's nephew (Shane same last name) is doing the 7/7/7 thing. I have high hopes that I will not wilt seeing that the hotel has a pool.

As for Vacation we seem to have hit a road block now that someone has agreed to go we can not find a motel (well unless you count the 1 star that's all that's left hotels) so we are outta luck. I asked clipie if he wanted to stop in Memphis (is that right it doesn't look right Menphis????)to see Graceland but he would not take me up on the offer. So it appears that clipie is not an Elvis fan who knew? I did find a nice place in panama city that we will probably visit in late September or early October.

Yesterday we drove out to the lake and well y'all know what happened I had to stop and pee right about where Bonnie's store is ; ) I believe she is one of many people you should meet in your lifetime, just so sweet. Well anyway yes I bought some paper but y'all can't see it cause It's going to probably be on one or more of your swap pages.

Have a good weekend and stay cool the weather man said it would be pushing 100 on Sunday so lather up on sunscreen, find something cold to drink, sit in front of a window and be glad it's not snowing. Or be glad you don't half ta spend 5 hrs on a 300 mile trip your choice


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Anonymous said...

I think flying is a nightmare, and if you think you can get anywhere in an hour, you are wrong. By the time you drive an hour to Nasvhille, get there at least an hour ahead, and then only HOPE that your flight leaves on time. Then chances are you need to take a connecting flight, have a layover, and again HOPE that that flight leaves on time. And then if you ever do get where you are going, you can only HOPE your luggage makes it, too. It's a nightmare!

Paper at Bonnie's: I bet it's the same paper I got, the paper I did the make n take for the bus tour, love it!

Deb H

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