Tuesday, July 10, 2007

part 2,3,4, & 5

The travel part was quick and pretty much painless. Did I tell you it was hot? cause when we were coming home Sunday we were passing through lower Nashville we were still on 24, and the car said it was 101. Ouch mid west girl was about to melt I tell y'all.

So with everything being uneventful we did have a good visit with the family, heat and all.
Today we are continuing in that tradition we are going to have family visiting this evening so I'm going to be going out to eat tonight. Yeah no cooking for me (insert evil laugh here mwhaaaaaaaaa).

Along with all this traveling I have missed my weekly BL trip so I'm headed over there this morning as well as HB cause I have some last minute wedding stuff to purchase. Oh and Y'all put your big girl panties on cause I'm just about done with my recipe pages, all I need to do is print and stick on my recipes! I will try with all my might to give you regular doses of blog the next few days. I may miss a day or two but I'll get to it eventually, I promise!

oh and I'm sorry but no picks blogger says I have no more room on my blog for them

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Anonymous said...

I have one set of pages designed, and pieces cut, just need to assemble. I have the recipe started for the second set, but haven't done a thing with them. Good job, Angie!

Deb H

Ha! surprise! not dead!

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