Monday, July 16, 2007

It's early

Yes I have arrived back home in a current state of no sleep. Clipie had to be at work at 4:30 AM and I just could not go back to sleep. We got in at 9:00pm on the dot last night, there was a terrible accident on the main strip when we got off the free way last night, And a really bad one back home Saturday morning. I just don't like seeing accidents they just remind me of what can happen ugh.

So the wedding in the end was great, I really was so happy that Raven let my play Aunt and have a part. On the oops side of things the cake was late being delivered which ultimately caused a few snags like forgetting the brides bouquet and all the flowers for the wedding, (good thing the flowers were just a few blocks away) and nobody signing the guest book cause it was with thee m-o-t-b at the reception waiting for the cake. And the final snag was a 235 pound one, Rod's mom was supposed to take him to the reception cause I was supposed to open up the reception hall, and VERY UNFORTUNATELY he was left behind at the church. Yeah he was very mad (mad really isn't the word for it). So he was not in a good mood during the reception and he also depleted his life time ability to have any and all brownie points by saying "NO" to me when I asked him to dance during the "only" couples song, That was so out of character for him he has always in the past wanted to dance with me, which is extremely weird. To his credit he did comeback and offer but who wants to dance with someone who dose not want to dance with you? Not me, I refuse to make him miserable.

Any who I have made no firm decision yet but I will probably be gone for about 3days this week. I want to go see my cousin So if the blog pops up empty don't worry I'll be in the car by myself on a road headed east buy myself and lots and lots and lots of directions. I'll post some pictures here in at bit.
blessings a
I hope you all had a good weekend. And I hope all of you are fine.


Anonymous said...

Hey Angie, glad to hear everything went "fairly" well. Unfortunately, those type of glitches always seem to happen even with the best laid plans.

Try safe on your next "outing" and I'll see you when you get back.


Anonymous said...

There are always glitches, no biggie. But poor Rod! Hope he's getting over it soon, poor guy.

Be SAFE on your trip, and ask for directions if you need them!!

Deb H

Anonymous said...

I hate that Rod got left. How awful. Have a safe trip. chelle

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you thought about buying a GPS or whatever they are called that will tell you if you are going to wrong way (just kidding). Be safe & have fun. djw

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