Tuesday, July 10, 2007


OK I did forget to tell you what happened to our vacation. We tried with all our might to book a hotel and could not everything was full up so we did go to a travel agent and see if she could help us but she could not. So we were not about to drive all that way and sleep on the beach. We did find a great place in Panama city that has a lot of stuff to do and I think we will be going in late September, if we can get a reservation and avoid the Harley fest that is that time of year.


Anonymous said...

Don't avoid it. JOIN IT!!! I can just see you and Clippie Man in your Harley outfits (especially if he wears his clippies). Talk about some pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! djw

Anonymous said...

I have another friend who has a blog and all she puts on hers is pics so why would they say that you couldn't add more pics? she puts 5 a week proably. chelle

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