Monday, July 30, 2007

it's color class part 1

OK so Friday and Saturday were great I'm ready for more!
I thought you all might enjoy a color class Heather taught most of this to me back in the day when she taught. most of this info is from her class so keep that in mind

color how much?
remember : Gallon, pint, ounce
think of it in terms of paint or like you decorate a room wall color, carpet color, molding(trim). Same thing just calling it something else, use your colors on your page in that order.
-neutrals are always white black grey and tan so you can always add them in the mix

remember this
the exceptions monochromatic and 2 tone
monochromatic paper schemes should follow a similar patter with a dominate color to start try to work in parts such as 3,5, or 7 but all in the same color family. Neutrals are usually just black and white in monochromatic themes (sometimes grey)

2 tone is just exactly what it sounds like 2 tones of color used equally. Neutrals can be tricky with 2 tone so just keep it as simple as possible

and remember these are not hard and fast rules (some rules were meant to be broken) just gentle guide lines. These little bits and pieces of info often come in handy when you get stuck on a page.

I hope you enjoyed color class today tomorrow we will spin the color wheel

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Anonymous said...

ok so you confused me... I would like to know what you mean by gallon, pint. ounce?? gallon the most of the brightest loudest color and then down from there?? just wondering what this means??? chelle

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