Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It is time

All right scrappers I feel time is right for a serious scrapper meeting

items of discussion:
the state of the scrapping world

So before I go on I just want to make a DECLARATION that b, dh,dw,mt,lc and a few others who's initials I'm not sure of are now officially my design team members.

Since it seems to be the trend to have you own design team and sell your own kits I'm putting the design team in place, when I start thinking about selling kits (about never) I'll already have my trusty design teams members in place! Oh and I'm going to need a volunteer - oh thanks dh to help me put all this together, about 200 kits in 20 min! Just joking but seriously y'all are now official design team members, Congratulations you have something (not so) official to put on your scrap resume. And you are now and forever part of the scrap happins design team. So
Celebrate the Fourth of July but celebrate being a team member.

Ok so I wanted to take a few moments to say I'm wondering what will happen to scrapping here in Bg? I mean will it dwindle just to us? or will we all meet at the flea market once a month and have a swap? I'm definitely not into the kit thing cause then everyone has the same things and all the pages can end up looking alike. I'm and individualistic kinda girl, I don't want my pages to look like anyone elses, they don't need to be ultra modern by any means but my own creation.
Kits have great page ideals and they also have team designers but I don't care if your a designer I just want a great example of a good scrap page
( that i may or may not scraplift) without all the fan fare. Is that asking to much? It's not like you need to be a designer to be a good scrapper. I seriously think that the celebrity in scrappbooking needs to go, so we can just be plain people who like to scrap, have a sit together, eat some good food and form friendships that last a life time.

blessings a

As for the vacation update the are no updates. I have no ideal what or when we are going to do anything I'm thinking of going to Lowes and by more paint.


Anonymous said...

We will continue to scrap no matter what! We can keep scrapping at the clubhouse and I will volunteer my house some if needed. As far as supplies, we can coordinate a trip to Bonnie's as often as needed. LET'S NOT GIVE UP!!

Anonymous said...

we still have the lobby, bonnie and greenbrier isn't that far. hopefully we can scrap for a long time to come. chelle

Just plan the vacaation and give it to Rod as a "surprise"

Anonymous said...

I agree, we have Bonnie and Lola, both about 45 minutes to drive, no biggie. Thank goodness for Betty and the club house, because that is truly awesome! No need to give up.

PS: 200 kits should be no problem, you know I love to work in multiples of 100!

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