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pardon me

I'm hijacking my own blog to become a wedding planner once again. so enjoy the wedding theme of late ladies we will interrupt this scrappers blog only momentarily

so lets number these 1,2,3,4
1&3are the same
2&4 are the same

1 is from walmart and the bowl costs 3.97 and the pebbles cost 2.97 the pebbles can easily be split in half so you cost at this point would be 3.97 plus about 1.49 total cost (not including candles) 5.46

the pebbles in this bowl are my favorite I will be sending some home with your dad so you can get a better look at them .

2.the bowl is from hobby lobby and the pebbles as well, the pricing gets a bit tricky but is much better. the bowl is 4.99 however every other week hL issues a coupon for 1 item every day 40% off so it could possibly cost only 3.00 one dollar less than the walmart bowl. the pebbles were 2.49 and this week they were 1/2 off (also bowls could go on sale for 1/2 but i have no way of being sure about that I can only guarantee the 40% off coupon)so the pebbles were 1.25 until Saturday. Next week they will be 2.49
and you need to pretty much use one bag of them there are more but less, cause they are bigger pebbles. So if you bought these pebbles this week they would be 1.25 a bag. Let me be clear I do not like these pebbles the contrast between the two blues is too great. I put them on the table at dinner and even the guys did not like them much. cheep but not pretty. The bowl 3.00 vs walmart @ 3.97 . Personally I have no preference in bowls I say the cheaper the more you save.

I think you should go for the HL bowl and the walmart pebbles yes, they are much more but they are BEAUTIFUL and I think they would be what you would want.

moving on we could dye the watter a pale blue just an ideal
and we should get votive for the candles, cheep at the dollar store but votive not tea lights and I think we would need 3 per bowl.
also I think it would be great to float some real flower petals in this but Not rose petals, everyone does that. You need something small and delicate like a very small daisy. but I don't think rose petals would match the small delicate pebbles they are just to big. So what do you think?

Oh and buy the way any of my fellow scrappers have any ideals about this?


Anonymous said…
I have no ideas for you, but I'm leaving town for 3 days i'm going to Henderson Ky to work at the new Cracker Barrel there. I won't be able to get on the computer unless the hotel offers one which I doubt. So anyway see ya later. Debbie W and Betty are you going to the book thing Friday night? leave message on here maybe I will get it. see ya chelle
Anonymous said…
I like the first bowl the best and of course #3 since they are the same.

Michelle, I'm hoping to go to B&N sometime Friday night. I've reserved a book - but not sure about what time I plan on getting there. Are you going?

Anonymous said…
I like the Walmart bowl with either of the pebbles.

Michelle, enjoy, I didn't know you were on a luxury paid trip this weekend (LOL).

Is it the HP book this weekend? You girls are too much.

Deb H

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