Tuesday, October 30, 2007


9 days

buffet pricing (I called myself and spoke with Namoi (sp??))

Breakfast Monday -Saturday 6.95
Sunday 7.95

Lunch Monday- Saturday 7.95
Sunday 12.95

Dinner is 12.49 daily



Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking, Angie! A little pricey, but convenient. I could bring lunch with me for Friday, it would probably keep in the cooler. I wonder if anyone delivers out there?

Deb H

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking Angie. so $10 for every meal in the dining room with tax tip ect.

are we going to town for one meal on Saturdy like we have in the past? IF we go for lunch we have to be back by 2pm for bluelights.

and if we go for dinner we won't be able to leave until 4(bluelights) and the store might be closed casue you know we won't be able to be done at exactly 4 so we'll want to go for lunch??

just a thought


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