Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well this is my second attempt to blog this morning my electric has been going on and off all morning and it's only 6:30 am! It all started when poor clipies back up alarm went off at the wrong time ugh I felt bad for him cause he is moving to a new job (same place of work just moving him) and had to go in early today. Well he got in the car and the electric came back on
so he had to get back out and fix the garage door for me (making him about a whole 1 minute early for work). Then all was fine until I was sitting where I'm sitting now and the lights went out. yep me by my self sitting at my computer still typing and its dark. I'm so thankfully God let some very smart brain event cell phones cause the come in handy epically when you don't have a flash light. So my house smells pretty this morning a mix of different scented candles and the hum of the computer and swirl of the cling fan.

Now that my smeller, humming and swirling is going on I can get my geek on with doing my blog thing. Ah I forgot to add my glass of sweet tea, cold sweet tea.

I know moving on I'm still cleaning my back bedroom ugh so not fun. Wishing I had a maid or someone like that to take care of it for me while I clean. so far I have my paper stacks and packs of same paper(thank you Big Lots) now in my sbr closet. Last night clipie carried some more paper in here for me I just need to go through it and get it on the shelf. So I'm off to sort through paper and do various exciting things like wash clothes and work on a couple of l/o I don't have done.

see you all tomorrow I'm so excited

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